Burmese Mountain Dog|Bernese Mountain Dog

First let us clear a myth here, a lot of people do mix Burmese mountain dog with Bernese mountain dog. Let us have a look at both breeds and find out what is the difference.

Burmese Mountain Dog
The attractive Burmese Mountain Dog is often puzzled with the fine Swiss farm dog called the Bernese Mountain Dog, but lives a very different life in its native Myanmar. They had been bred by northern tribesmen to hunt the ubiquitous and aggravating local skunks and to protect their farms and livestock.

The Burmese mountain dog lies in wait in the heavy undergrowth, patiently allowing the skunks pass through a cautiously chosen attack zone. The black and white markings on the face are super to confuse the skunks into considering that they are among their own , right up the moment when the Burmese Mountain Dog launches into the attack. On a hunt the rust colored fur aids the dog handler differentiate his dog from his prey. As the Burmese say, "If it has brown, don't shoot it down."Their lustrous fur is known to be self-cleaning. In the unusual event that the skunk is able to spray a malodorous smell on them, Burmer dog's fur sheds the scent with a mere rinsing, unlike any other dog on the planet.Despite their sturdy build, they are remarkably quick and agile and this athleticism is very useful in the hunt. Burmers have been known to climb as much as fifty ft in to trees in the northern Burmese jungles while giving chase to the arboreal Burmese Skunk, quite a feat for such a large canine.The Burmese Mountain Dog tends to make a great family dog, although their breeding as hunters can make it very difficult for them in order to share a house with cats (particularly black or black and white cats). They are clever, sensitive and responsive, gentle with children and usually calm once they reach adulthood. They can be effortlessly trained, though the Burmer newbie should be warned that their tree climbing skills can lead to serious kitchen accidents if they start to think that the cabinets are full of treats for dogs rather than humans.If you have to ask whether they shed or not, this is probably the wrong breed for you. The thick coating all comes off 4 times a year, almost certainly as an adaptation to rid lurking skunk smells when ever they arrive home from a hunt. It is a substantial amount of fur and you can count on finding it in your car, your home, even your toothbrush. Owners claim that going out to dinner during a shedding period and having to atone to the restaurateur for the impair of mostly black fur left on their seat. So again, if you have to ask, you shouldn’t get one of these gorgeous critters.

Bernese Mountain Dog
A Bernese mountain dog is really a large dog from the Swiss Alps close to Berne, Switzerland. They're  characterized by their distinct marking of white and rust like coloring with black color all over. They'rean extremely strong dog which is liked by manyThey are acustomed for many things like hard work. They're also very good pets that anyone can love.

Farmers because of their strength use Bernese Mountain dogs. They'll drive the cattle to the market and warn the farmer of any strangers that go into the property. They are excellent watchdogs and faithful to their masters as well. Berner Sennenhund introduced this breed in 1937. They're without a doubt an incredible dog and loved by many people. The Bernese is not related to the Saint Bernard like some people believe.The Bernese mountain dog has a character that is very important to making the dog what it is today. They are canines which can be sometimes shy and can be regarded as awesome. They are quiet, but they are also tough tooThey need to have the appropriate obedience training to enable them to be  the ideal trained dog that they are expected to be.The average lifespan is usually 8 to 10 years. There are a few living to fifteen years and moreIt's not a guaranteed fact that can be determined as with any one or any animal.The Bernese mountain dog is a great dog but they can have their problems just like any breed could haveThey are large dogs so they could have developing problems from the time they're puppies. They may have bone problems like hip and elbow disorders. Another serious health problem may be the number of cancer found in different dogs. This can be related to the autoimmune problem that is relevant. A few of the dogs can also have flea allergies and can be managed with flea control on a regular basis.

It is important to keep in mind is that it is a superb dog then one that can be loved by anyoneThey need to have the proper diet and the right exercise to make them as happy and as healthy as they can be. They must be treated just like any animal and that's with love and care. Having a Bernese mountain dog is a big responsibility and a great honor as well.

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  1. No such Breed as a Burmese Mountain Dog.. Both of the Dogs shown are " Bernese Mountain Dogs " aka Berner Sennenhunds from Switzerland.. Breeder !