Champion Bully Kutta

This is the picture of bully kutta joggi, All punjab champion in Pakistan. This dog has won quite a few fights in the province punjab of pakistan. Jogi the bully kutta is very strong, full of energy, stamina, endurance , and have a lot of hunger to win the fights.

Jogi the bully kutta has a record of 30 fights with no loss, 10 of his fights were held but the opponents with draw their dogs out of tournament as they though their dogs have no chance against Jogi the bully kutta.

bully kuttaJogi the bully kutta is quite a massive dog. He weighs nearly 190 lbs and stands approx 112 cm. Jogi the bully kutta's jaw is big and his grip is solid like pliers. The best thing about this bully kutta is that his fights don't last any more then 10 minutes, some of his fights even ended up in minute or so. This bully kutta is a real champ. It's quite old to fight now so now they are using it fro breeding purposes, that's was the last report that I had regarding this dog. There is still a conflict some people are saying it's all Pakistan champion and some said it's all Punjab champion, one way or the other jogi has got a reputation which certainly does make him unique then other bully kuttas.

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