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Dog fighting is a cruel sport and we strongly condemn it, but just to show all of you guys how strong, powerful and full of agility bully kuttas are, I have to link some of the videos from youtube. These videos are also added to let you know that bully kutta fights are not fights to death or any thing like that, again as i said earlier I strongly condemn this kind of act, I'm not into dog fighting neither does support it. But it may clear hick ups a bit as to this cruel sport is a fight to death, no its not. They fight bully kuttas but when a dog screams or turns away or run the fight is over.

So screaming and running for a pure bully kutta is out of question but as they have mixed the breed over the years with the other breeds of dogs to get speed in the dogs for fighting, at the same time the qualities that a bully kutta had like strength , endurance, pain baring has gone with it as well. They are still tough tough animals but every now and again in the tournaments they do scream, which totally contradicts with the personality of a pure bully kutta.

Anyways the video clips added are from youtube and just to show you people the strength and power of these animals and the pain they can go through.

Once again this is just informative page, this is not promoting of any kind of cruel act.

Non of these dogs are pure bully kutta, they just had some hint of bully kutta blood line in them and look how tough they are. If they are pure once no match for them.

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  1. bro you info is good but all your supportive videos have been removed, plz post new ones for BK fans info.