Pitbull attacks a man | Most savage pitbull attack

videoIn this video a guy tried to trespass a house but unfortunately for him it was the wrong choice, cause he simply broke into the house where one of the most fearsome breed of dogs Pitbull was at guard. Pitbull attacked the man and almost chewed his arm and ripped it to pieces. Pitbull attacks are quite common all over the world, as they were bred for hunting and fighting the natural instinct kicks in every now and again. It's proven that if a pitbull attacks a human it will be 10 times more fatal then any other normal guard dog such as German Shepherds, Dobber Man etc etc for one simple reason that they have very powerful neck and strong jaws that lock like wrench. In this video a trespasser met his fate when he broke into the wrong house, where an aggressive guard dog pitbull was waiting on him. Pitbull attacks can be quite severe and fatal as they do have very strong neck and jaw. You will be able to see the power of the dog in the video although the guy was a trespasser but still I would not wish this to happen to any body no matter what. Pitbull attacked the man and almost ripped his hand and arm off. The guy in the video looks like he has a blood bath. Pitbull attacks are very comon all over the world is they are used as guard dogs, they are the best guard dogs I would say, the only draw back is that when they strike they don't retreat. It is proved that attack of a pitbull on a human is 10 times more fatal then any other normal guard dog such as German Shepherds , Dobber man etc. Pitbull attacks on human can be quite fatal.

Pitbull Attacks the owner

Pitbull attacks the owner


In this video a lady owner is desperately trying to hold back it's pitbull who attacked savagely on a passer by but all in vain. Pitbull goes totally crazy and in return turns on to it's lady owner. The pitbull attack was reported to near by police station and police came out to take the pitbull down but astonishingly pitbull escapes the police shots as well. This really shows that when a pitbull goes mental nothing is stopping him but death.